Apricot Bourbon Smash Recipe

on July 9, 2014

Well, hello summertime!

There’s nothing we love more than stone fruit season and a good cocktail on a hot day. After perusing multiple recipe sites in search of the perfect summer cocktail, we decidedly said, “To heck with all this! We’re makin’ up our own recipe!” So, here’s a yummy summer cocktail recipe from us to you:

3 oz Cutler’s 33 Bourbon
1 apricot, halved and pitted
1 large lemon, juiced and zested
1 oz simple syrup Sprig of mint, roughly chopped

We have a cheap-o wooden muddler from Ikea in our office (yes, we have a full bar in our office) that gets the job done just as well as anything fancy. But if you’re without a muddler, you can pour all of this into a bowl first and use a masher. It’ll get the same effect.
Pour the simple syrup into the mixture with a few cubes of ice and shake it like a polaroid picture. Then strain the drink into a tumbler glass and top with fresh mint and enjoy!

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