COVID-19 SAFETY REQUIREMENT: We are requiring all tour guests & guides wear a mask on our tours. Bring your own or use a mask provided by us!

New Temporary Tour Requirements

We will be requesting all tour guests wear a mask on our tours. Bring your own or use a mask provided by us!

Virtual Foodie Adventures

Gather some friends around the laptop or smartphone and go on a Foodie Adventure with us!

Cost is $50 per person (5 person minimum)

Plan My Tour

Discover the food scene of Santa Barbara with a Virtual Foodie Adventure or Kitchen Challenge!

Our Virtual Foodie Adventures will lead you through a 45-60 minute cooking or cocktail class via Zoom with stories & tips from a Santa Barbara chef/mixologist. We are also offering Kitchen Challenges for large groups! Email us for details.

  • Great for team building & staying connected with others!
  • Easily accommodate up to 100 guests
  • Option to customize cooking menu with chef to suit dietary needs
  • Custom start times and days upon request

30-45 mins with an award winning chef or mixologist

Foodie host from Eat This, Shoot That!

Ingredient list & recipe

Foodie photo tips

What to Expect

Interact with others and the chef during this immersive online experience or simply be in the moment and enjoy the show!

Once you’ve reached out to us we will send you details on what your private Foodie Adventure entails. You’ll also have the option of letting us do the shopping for you and have all the ingredients delivered to your doorstep!

Please read the following information carefully before scheduling your private experience.

  • All logistical tour details will be agreed upon ahead of time by you, the group organizer, and Eat This, Shoot That! Please note: we will need at least 5-7 days advance notice to confirm timing with our chef/mixologist.
  • Virtual Foodie Adventures are sold on a per person basis with a minimum required buyout of $250 or five person attendance.
  • Extended Foodie Adventures are available for larger groups (pricing may vary).
  • Our Foodie Adventures can accommodate most food allergies, aversions and/or dietary preferences for guests.