About Us

It's no secret that Santa Barbara is a very special place. And we believe that the local food and drink scene is a very big part of our city's uniqueness. That's why it is our #1 goal to support the local mom & pop eateries, tasting rooms, farms, and shops of Santa Barbara while showing you a super good time in our favorite neighborhoods.

Eat This, Shoot That! is a company that is centered around encouraging local business and treating other business owners like good friends – great friends, actually! When you come on our tours we aren't just introducing you to the local culture and helping you find all the cool hidden eateries and undiscovered gems, we're introducing you to our friends. And we think that's pretty neat.

Meet Our Team!


Founder & Big Cheese

Tara started Santa Barbara’s first food tour company in the summer of 2012 and added her love of photography to the mix, making it the world's only food & photo tour.


Wine Tour Guide

Molly is a top guide and when she's not eating or drinking in Santa Barbara, you can find her out trail running in the mountains behind the city or planning her next multi-week bicycle tour.


Food Tour Guide

Amy is a super fun tour guide and local foodie who is also a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Massage Therapist here in Santa Barbara.


Food Tour Guide

Abigail is an expert foodie in the hospitality industry who can be found locally performing stand-up comedy or doing yoga/meditation at the beach when she's not leading tours through the Funk Zone.