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Right now we are only offering this tour with an English speaking guide. However, we will be working on making a Chinese translator available soon. If you have a translator in your group, feel free to bring them along! (Please contact us if you still have questions about bringing along your translator.)

Smoking is not allowed on any portion of the tour. Heck, smoking is barely allowed in Santa Barbara. (Seriously, it’s actually illegal to smoke on most of our city streets.) But don’t you worry…we’ll keep your mouth busy with other vices.

Best. Gift. Ever. (That means yes.)
Click on our Gift Certificates button at the bottom of this web page and follow all the prompts.

Tours need to stay on schedule and while we’d love for you to shop til you drop, stopping the tour for shopping sprees can add too much time to our already packed schedule. So, unfortunately, we ask that you don’t start shopping until your tour is complete when your tour guide will be happy to point the way! (Shopping is permitted and encouraged on our Solvang Food Tour)

Sure! However, some of our food and wine venues are a bit on the small side. So, we recommend taking a weekday tour when our groups are smaller and the venues are less crowded to allow for a more comfortable tour experience. Or skip the stroller all together and opt to carry your tiny ones.

Yes, you will need to bring your own camera to take photographs on the tour; we do not provide cameras for guests. We’re not that rich yet.

But fear not! Any camera will do, even an iPhone! Or any smartphone, for that matter as most of our photo tips are geared toward shooting with your smartphone anyway.

While the tastings may vary slightly on the food tours, we usually visit 5 eateries, 1 wine bar, 1 distillery, and 1 brewery. We will taste foods ranging from seafood to gourmet flatbread to authentic Mexican food to artisan baked breads and other local fare. We will sip still wines, spirits, and craft beers, with our pinkies in the air. And at the end of our food tour sit back, relax, and let the sweet eclectic goodness wash over you. Seriously. Let it. It is so good.

The wine tour will introduce you to a couple of local eateries (enough to keep you walking and not crawling on the tour) and 5 local wineries that boast years of experience, top shelf tastings, and some sweet digs. You’ll have a chance to sip and savor 10 different wines and enjoy a few small bites as well. And when the tour is over, sit back and relax on custom leather couches or high back cowhide chairs while you toast to a most excellent afternoon.

Oh yes, ma’am…er, sir! Our food tour includes tasting various wines, spirits, and beers. You are also welcome to bring a bottle of water with you, although regular drinking water is provided at every place we visit.

For underage participants, there is no substitution tastings available at the brewery and they will be skipping out on the wine part of the wine/bakery pairing, which is why there is a reduced price for attendees under 21 or non-drinkers. However, there is a substitution at the distillery – and it’s tasty!

While children are welcome on our Funk Zone food tour, please keep in mind that tour is approximately 3 hours long and we walk roughly 1 mile. (The Solvang tour is OK for kids 12 years and older.) Parents, you know their children best. Just think about whether a 3 hour walking food tour is appropriate for your own child’s attention span and stamina.

All children 6 years and older are required to have a ticket, and children/persons under 21 or non-drinkers may purchase a reduced-priced ticket. Children 5 years and under can attend free of charge if they will not be participating in the food tastings and are well behaved. Otherwise, they are liable to be given a shot of espresso and a free puppy at the end of the tour. (No children allowed on our wine tours. Sorry not sorry.)

Well, it is a walking tour….so plan on doing just that. Both tours cover approximately 1-ish miles over a 3-3.5 hour period.

The food tour is conducted at a relaxed pace and stops frequently with optional seating at most places, spending approximately 15-20 minutes at each of the designated tasting spots.

The wine tour stops are pretty much next door to each other. So, total walking distance is less than 1 mile and each tasting room has seating available. And of course we recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes….you know…for walking around in. Comfortably.

Only a really good time, yummy food, and sweet photo tips!

While you may be familiar with our route and some of the stops, you will have the opportunity to try food or wine that may be new to you at the tasting locations, learn more about the establishments themselves plus local history and learn awesome photo tips, of course! Also, being a local, you have the unique opportunity to re-visit the eateries or wine bars we feature on the tour and any other recommendations we point out at your leisure.

But wait! There’s more! Did we mention that this tour is an excellent way to entertain out-of-town guests (get those in-laws outta the house!), celebrate a special occasion or encourage professional team building? Oh we didn’t? Well, considered yourself told. Boom!

Beginners are our favorite! It’s right up there with smiling. These tours are great for all photographic skill levels, but most of our guests are novice smartphone photographers.

Our knowledgeable tour guides will share great photo tips with the smartphone novice and pro camera user alike. Get ready to walk away with more than just a good food coma or wine buzz. After learning our photo tips, you’ll impress your friends with your amazing new food, people and travel photos!

Since we will be entering various food establishments, and as a courtesy to the other guests on the tour, all pets, with the exception of trained service dogs, are prohibited on the tour. Sorry, Fido.

There are city parking lots within one block of the meeting locations and street parking is available but limited in both space and time. Space, because we’re a busy city. Time, because most spots are only 75 minutes.
Please read all signs when looking for street parking to avoid getting ticketed. (We don’t want you crying at the end of the tour.) Specific parking details are listed on our tour pages.
PLEASE NOTE: We do not stop tours to re-park/move cars.

All are welcome on the Funk Zone food tour and kids 12 yearrs and older are welcome on the Solvang food tour. However, the wine tour requires all guests be at least 21 years of age. The establishments that we visit will only allow those 21 and above because of State and Federal laws.

Absolutely not! Our tours combine architectural commentary, historical facts, local culture and culinary insight into a unique half-day experience. Imagine walking through Santa Barbara eating our local artisans most delicious foods while learning about the neighborhoods from real locals.

Please be sure and let us know if you (or anyone in your group) has a dietary restriction (e.g. vegetarian, diabetic, allergy, etc.) when you purchase your tickets. As long as we know in advance, we can usually accommodate most needs.

Tours often sell out due to the “awesomeness factor”, so we suggest maximizing your chances of getting the day, time, and number of tickets you prefer and booking well in advance.. Tickets may be purchased either online or by phone with any major credit card. Cash and/or walk-up traffic the day of the tours are not accepted.

You bet your pretty little head you can! If a date is sold out, there is a chance that we will add an additional tour if you bat those gorgeous eyelashes of yours and say please.

Contact us at 805-364-0564 or info@eatthisshootthat.com to let us know what date you are interested in.

Gratuities are greatly appreciated by your tour guides who are still paying off their student loans, although not mandatory. The standard gratuity in the service industry is 15%-20%.

Oh, you’re not part camel? Well, don’t you worry your pretty little head. All of the stops on the tour will have a restroom that you may use. Ask your guide where and they’ll point the way.

Tours usually run in light rain and other moderate weather conditions, but if we must cancel in the event of severe or unsafe weather conditions, ticket-holders will be allowed to reschedule tickets (subject to availability) or receive credit for a future event. But this is Santa Barbara! So, the chances of having inclement weather are slim to none.

They absolutely are! However, some of our food and wine venues are a bit on the small side. So, we recommend taking a weekday tour when our groups are smaller and the venues are less crowded to allow for a more comfortable tour experience.

At the moment our tours are only offered in English and, depending on your tour guide, Pig Latin.
If you would like to make arrangements for your own interpreter to join the tour, please contact us by mail-eay (email) or one-phay (phone).

We absolutely do! And we’d be pleased as punch to arrange customized private tours for small and large groups.We can accommodate a variety of special requests (family reunions, Birthday parties, out of town guests, corporate, conventions, festivals, parades, grand openings and more). Please click the Private Events option in our menu above.

You should bring with you a smartphone (iPhone, Android, Google Phone, etc) and an appetite. (We do not provide cameras for guests. We’re not that rich yet.)

When it’s really hot out, we recommend an application of sunscreen on exposed parts of the body and a lightweight pair of sunglasses. During the cooler seasons it’s important to wear and an extra layer of clothing and bring along an umbrella or raincoat in case of rain.



There are multiple tastings of a variety of different wines, which adds up to approximately 10 wine tastings served during the El Paseo Wine & Photo Tour.

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