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Do Lunch at Metropulos in Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone Neighborhood

It’s no secret that The Funk Zone has a special place in our heart. There’s no shortage of wine bars to explore, art to discover, and hole-in-the-wall eateries that are open at odd hours. As far as mish-mash neighborhoods go, this one is by far our favorite!

Lately, we’ve been wandering down a couple blocks from our usual lunch spot and checking out this delicious deli that’s been serving up the freshest and tastiest sandwiches and soups.

The pulled pork bahn mi we had yesterday was outta this world and their pumpkin soup is perfect for those chilly, breezy autumn days we’ve started getting here in Santa Barbara.

So, the next time you’re wandering around the Funk Zone and looking for a good nosh, we highly recommend doing lunch at Metropulos!

(Photo of Metropulos courtesy of their website)