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Interview with Pacific Pickle Works//Creators of the World’s Best Bloody Mary Elixir

Hey, readers! Boss Lady, here.

There is nothing I love more than Sundays. It’s my day of rest. Sometimes. Ok, rarely. But when I do get a day to just relax and that day happens to be Sunday, then you can bet your buns I’ll be at brunch. Brunch is probably the most creative way that we Americans have concocted an excuse to drink before noon. And…well, I like it!

My favorite brunch drink these days is a Bloody Mary. (Sorry, Mimosa.) I have recently discovered a little Santa Barbara secret that will make any Bloody Mary THE best you’ve ever had: Pacific Pickle Works’ Bloody Mary Elixir. A dash of this spicy stuff in your boozy tomato mixture and you’ll be feeling those sweet Sunday vibes with the first sip.

Of course, I couldn’t just tease you with a picture and a recipe! So, I got in touch with the genius behind the label, Brad Bennett, to get his take on food, drinks, and life.

Cheers and sip on, you Sunday Brunchers!

Q: What inspires you?

A: Talent. I love watching talented people do great things. It doesn’t matter in what discipline – just doing great stuff.

What profession would you most like to try?

I’ve had an interest in filmmaking over the past few years. I dabbled in it for a little while, but I guess there was just less resistance getting into making pickles than films.

What profession would you not like to try?

Being a lawyer. Eww. Besides, who wants to be the butt of all those jokes.

What talent would you most like to have?

I would love to be a great concert pianist or vocalist. Not only would it be amazing to make a living as a musician, but even better to play an instrument that you don’t have to carry with you.

What is your idea of the perfect meal?

Perfection is impossible to achieve I think, but I do love food and I love nothing more than experiencing many interesting textures, quality ingredients, and great flavors well prepared and enjoyed with good friends during an eating experience.

What is your favorite food?

I don’t know if I could ever pick a ‘favorite’ of anything. To me everything is contextual and what sounds delicious one day may not be what sounds delicious another. But I am always a sucker for slow-cooked meats!

What is your favorite drink?

The same applies here as above, but it’s hard to beat an amazing glass of wine.

What do you consider the most overrated or underrated ingredient?

Frisee. What is up with the frisee on food? It doesn’t taste good and makes stuff hard to eat. It’s like the big hair of food.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

A cocktail and good company in a beautiful location away from work. Those are moments to cherish – and few and far between these days it seems!

What is your favorite motto?

Never been a motto kind of guy. I could look one up for you and decide it’s my favorite, but that wouldn’t be very meaningful.