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Visit The Blue Door in The Funk Zone

Every time we go to the Funk Zone we feel like we’re surrounded by our buddies. Running these tours may be a job for us, but it sure feels an awful lot like fun!

The other day, on the way to the start of our food tour, we discovered a sweet hole in the wall vintage store called The Blue Door. So, we popped in later that day to introduce ourselves and made some more new friends in our funky awesome neighborhood!

Appropriately, this place has a giant blue door that marks the entrance and expansive space on the ground floor.

Did we say expansive? We meant gigantic! This store has not one, not two, but THREE levels to it!

The building that houses this quirky and well-organized vintage store used be part of the old Santa Barbara Fish Market (which we talk about a bit on our Funk Zone food tours!). These doors, for instance, were once used as part of the fish market operation. Go for a visit and ask the owner to tell you all about the history of the building and how they renovated the inside to show off some cool parts of our Santa Barbara Funk Zone history.

This store is definitely worth checking out and is a fun addition to a day spent in the Funk Zone!