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Imperial Bar is Goleta’s Super Hidden Gem

You haven’t lived until you’ve been to Imperial Bar in Old Town Goleta.

This place looks like Austin Powers and Three’s Company got together to decorate and the drinks are just as good if not better than anything served up on The Love Boat.

The Eastern inspired décor goes hand in hand with their hand-typed menus and swinging lounge music played on the record player in the corner. We recently tried Reilly’s Kitchen #1 and the bourbon special made with orange marmalade. Pretty much anything we’ve tried at this joint has been our favorite new drink.

So, grab your friends on a Saturday night and head on over to this swinging dive, hidden behind Bicycle Bob’s and the old Sizzler just off Hollister Avenue. (Look for the old B’ak D’or sign on teh building and the Imperial logo on the door.)