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Try the Apple Pie at Cutler’s Artisan Spirits

One of our favorite stops on our Funk Zone food tour in Santa Barbara is Cutler’s Artisan Spirits.

Our good pal, Ian Cutler, is a fourth generation distiller. (Yeah, you heard us right! FOURTH generation, folks!) He knows a thing or two about creating top shelf liquors and his apple pie liqueur is no exception!

When you come on the tour, you’ll get to try all four of his current releases (this summer he’s produced vodka, gin, American whiskey, and of course the apple pie liqueur). The vodka is exceptionally clean, the gin is the most fragrant you’ll ever sniff, and the super light-tasting American whiskey can’t be beat. But there is nothing like finishing off your tasting at Cutler’s Artisan with a pour of Grandma Tommie’s Apple Pie.

Ian’s grandmother, Tommie, must be one heck of a baker, because this liqueur is based off her delicious apple pie recipe and we think it tastes like Thanksgiving in your mouth. One sip of this cinnamon infused apple flavored goodness and you’ll be begging for more!

Don’t believe us? Come on our Santa Barbara food tour to find out for yourself! We’ll see you in The Funk Zone!